As you probably know, I adore pelicans. This morning, after staying four nights, we left Diamond Waters Caravan Park, Dunbogan, New South Wales. This beaut caravan park has a boat ramp and a fish-cleaning table and the local pelicans seem to know the fishing habits of the local residents.




We’re now in Murrurundi, about an hours drive from Tamworth. Whilst we seem to have escaped the rain, so far, it’s very windy in the local lovely caravan park. The town is nestled in a gorgeous mountain setting. The only drawback in the park seems to be the noise from the New England Highway nearby, not to mention a railway line!

Looking forward to exploring the area tomorrow.

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Pelicans at Diamond Waters Caravan Park



It’s been nearly three years since I first encountered this curious-looking Noisy Miner in the car park at the Observatory near Parkes, New South Wales. This Australian honeyeater can be confused with the introduced bird, the Common Mynah. The latter has mostly brown plumage, but much the same face, and belongs to the starling family.



I don’t know why I never see Noisy Miners back home, for according to the distribution map, they are common all along the Eastern Coast from North Queensland,  New South Wales, Victoria, and into South Australia, and Tasmania.


The yellow patch behind the eye is the naked skin.

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Manorina melanocephala: Noisy Miner



We’re encountering these parrots more frequently as we travel through New South Wales. At Gloucester, now, hunkering down in our camper-trailer at a powered site. Our mobile internet is working perfectly, and I’ll give you an update later of where we’ve been since we left home. Lately, I’ve just managed a few Facebook posts to let family know where we are.


According to Birds In Backyards, the  male Australian King Parrot are the only Australian parrots with a completely red head. The female has a green head.


The ones pictured here kept an eye out for meal times at every camping site! Perched on the roof of the tent, on the open canopy door of the 4WD, on the back of an unoccupied chair, they missed little.


I better go have a look outside, for the wind is increasing, and the rain. I regret not putting up the proper awning and walls – electing the quicker erection of the gazebo. Fortunately, I pegged it down well, but I’m about to see how it handles water. Other people in the caravan park are poking at theirs with brooms to dislodge pools of water.

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Redhead: The Australian King Parrot