On my fence & a puddle

I’m sending this from my Windows phone Nokia Lumia 530 since I can’t be trusted to limit my blog visit. The cockies are from yesterday and the puddle photo from this morning. Lots of rain overnight.

Today I will start on a blank page and get stuck into rewriting my story to the end – about 80,000 words. I’m talking about a proper rewrite, not just tinkering with my first draft again.

Have a good day. 😊

Ice, jonquils & a marigold

From yesterday, Nokia Lumia 520

playing with the ice in the birds’ water dish …
… because it amuses me – it was minus 5C overnight
jonquils poking through my neighbour’s fence
my neighbour’s first marigold of the season

I did finish the ending for my novel yesterday. A surprise twist that I did not see coming, but readers may well expect it.

I’m off to work shortly. Have a good day.  :)

Spring blossoms, and a heron

Some images from my walk today. (Nokia Lumia 520 windows phone camera)

Down by the footbridge, the hawthorns are in flower.
Down by the footbridge, the hawthorn shrubs are in flower. The council have tidied the undergrowth.
White-face heron sitting on the fence. I’ve never noticed that wheel before, not until I cropped the photo.
Gorgeous peach blossom leaning over my fence.
Gorgeous peach blossom leaning over my fence.

I didn’t mean to make a post today. I’m supposed to be writing!

Have a good day.  :)

Looking over my side fences

I took my camera (Fujifilm FinePix A607) outside this evening to try to get a photo of our resident blue wren. It taunted me by flitting about by the back door. I forgot the dog would rush out the doggie-door if she thought I intended to go out, so missed out.

I wandered up the backyard to see what I could see. The sun sets on the right when I’m down the back. Nothing spectacular about this image, unless you count the sheep.

looking over my right side fence
looking over my left side fence

We don’t actually have a back fence, since the side ones complete our triangular plot. I love the way the sunlight flings about over my left fence. The highway is on the other side of those gum trees lining the paddock.

I had some bad news a few days ago. My mum rang and told me my brother had died on the 15th. She rang after the funeral (27th) so I had no option of going. I’m a bit annoyed as she could have rang me as soon as she found out the day before. Bernie was 53, having dialysis a few times a week. His heart gave out. He is the one who had schizophrenia. My sister Carol was 53 when she died, too. Mum has four kids left now.

To-day, we went to Ballarat to watch a grandson play junior football. They won by a point right before the final siren. Straight into the grand-final in two weeks. I really enjoyed the four-hour round trip – the scenery was amazing. Sorry I didn’t stop and take photos. I should have!

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you all have a good week.  :)