Cows and Sunset

Nikon D3000 SLR, on auto. Bit a camera shake on those last cows. Thanks for looking! 🙂  

Blue-banded Bee

I’m thrilled to see the return of this solitary bee to my garden again. He is a zippy bee and rarely stays still, but I do fluke a decent photo now and then. Today, he was up high in the jasmine and I was surprised the images came out as good as they did. I…

Australian Painted Lady

I was taking photos of bees in my red bottlebrush bush when I spotted this butterfly up high in the tree outside our kitchen windows.   I discovered that it is called the Australian Painted Lady. It has an alternative name of Blue-Spotted Painted Lady because of its tiny blue spots on its hind wings….

Spotted Pardalote

I took the Nikon D3000 with me on the walk this morning, hopeful for a bit of sunlight and the spotted pardalote. I see it most mornings, now, as it feeds its partner or young. Their nesting tunnel begins between the crevices of the footbridge foundations. The little fellow is small and keeps moving, but…

Bee & Rock Rose (cistus)

Taken today with the Nikon D3000 on guide mode. I haven’t attempted to reset the white balance yet and the image properties still say there is an invalid number of components (2 when it expects 1) and it has made red and blue compensations which have reduced the pink in the petals.      …