Hello folks, yes, I’m still alive. I’m not going to bore you with excuses, but all is well with me. Since we returned home, I’ve been getting my garden into shape and revising my second book, and generally fiddling about. To get back in the blogging habit, I’m taking part in Beccy’s photo challenge which runs the month of January – word(s) ending in light –  the main photo must be square.

the sea alight

The light fades on Christmas Day, 2019, at Seacliff, South Australia. (Nikon D3000)

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Here’s to a great 2020, full of kindness and delight!





Squares: a quarterly daily blogging challenge

31 days of …light, squared


Stormy skies and the odd patch of drizzle hasn’t seen us packing up and heading for home! We’ve shopped today for enough food until the weekend. We’re loving camping by Gunbower Creek.

This evening, we ate lamb shanks, roasted in the camp oven with some spuds. Boiled up some frozen mixed vegies, too. I swear we’ve been eating better while away than at home. My camp oven is made from spun steel. Took ages to break it in but now it’s lovely and black all over.

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Other Stuff

Not home yet!


We did it! About two hours paddling upstream brought us to the pontoon before the weir. We tied up, and had a toilet break at the Cohuna Information Centre nearby. Then a bit of a rest while we hydrated and nibbled a few cream biscuits. We’re really proud of ourselves.

Took us an hour and a quarter to get back to camp. On the way, a lady from the info centre spotted us and took photos – we were in the centre yesterday, getting info.

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A trip to town