Kangaroos and Cholesterol

I went back to the doctor’s yesterday – with trepidation – to get my fasting blood test results for cholesterol. I had good and bad news.

The good was that my cholesterol dropped from 7.3mmol/L to 6.8. I was so very pleased, to say the least. I’ve been good about keeping consumption of saturated fats down, but not so good about losing weight.

The bad news is that my blood pressure has only been pretending to be under control. Until last week, all my good readings over the last year had been taken in the morning.  The last two were high and they were both taken around 4:30pm. So it seems the tablet I take at night has worn off by then (I take another type in the mornings). The doc doubled my dose from 5mg to 10mg.

So, armed with this information, I must take a step up on the exercise front else I will be dropping dead sooner than I would like  – or worse!

The kangaroos were out again. Two photos, show you the area on the hill overlooking the town.

You can see by my shadow how close I am. I noticed two buckets of water left out for the kangaroos down near that green house in the far middle.
edge hospital buildings and range
You cannot see the town stretched out below the hospital. The buildings on the left are the x-ray rooms with the new medical centre built onto the back of it.


On the right is the paddock that the kangaroos are in. That’s my wagon in the car park.

Must go to work. Have a good day.:)