St Arnaud

Hello people, we’ve been interstate to my mum’s place again. If you recall, last November we spent the visit unpacking mum’s moving boxes. This time I hung her picture collection. Mum is thrilled to have her ‘gallery’ around her again after 10 months of being packed away. Coming home on Sunday, we had lunch at…

Drone Fky

These photos taken with the Nikon D3000 this morning. I am still chasing the teddy bear bees around for that perfect shot. Got one good one this morning. I was side-tracked by a flash of red in the sun and found this drone fly who, unlike the frisky teddy bee and the blue-banded bees, consented…

Rainbow Lorikeets

Hello all, sorry I haven’t been posting much. I’m still flat out  with the finishing touches to my book (see though I did take some time out on Sunday to catch up with laundry, vacuuming, and washing the dog. I don’t see the lorikeets as much since I stopped putting seed out, but I…

Common grass blue

Thanks for looking. All photos taken today with the Nikon D3000. 🙂


Just clearing random images on my desktop.  (Nikon D3000) Thanks for looking. Do have a great day. 🙂