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#8 of 365

I rang the local Shire Office to-day to see what is happening about this tree since the limb fell down on Dec 12th, taking part of another branch with it.  That was the first I knew about the splitting at the front of the tree.  At the time the tree was reported to the Head Office, but the locals have had no feedback. So I am waiting to hear from the fellow who is “out of his office” for an undetermined time.  But, I expect it is their tree else I am sure they would have been quick to say it belonged to VicRoads. After all, it is between the kerb and service road, so technically it is a street tree.

Update: 16 Jan.  The Parks and Gardens bloke rang me, assured me that the tree wasn’t hollow and that it is in the queue for dead wood removal.

Update 26th January: still waiting.


Elm tree splitting


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