Family History Friday

Granny Griffiths House

I have added this photo to the GRIFFITHS/HUNT page. Since the photo is labelled as granny’s house, one would presume it is one of Julia’s grand-daughters standing out front, but not necessarily.


2 thoughts on “Granny Griffiths House

  1. Old photos are so precious in so many ways. I recently bought some in a trash & treasure store – no idea who the people are as there is nothing written on the back but I just had to have them.


    • I know what you mean, you have saved them from being trashed if someone bought them just for the frames. Good on you. I’m not good at labelling photos myself, and I should know better.

      I have been lucky in making contact with cousins who share, as I have no really old photos of my own. I’m lucky to have my own baby photos — I had taken them out of the family stash that vanished one day. I was thrilled recently to find box brownie negatives for photos I had forgotten – I took them when I was a kid (late 1960s, early 1970s). I’ve had them burnt to a dvd to share with my family.


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