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What mattered to me in 2009.

I found this in My Documents while looking for something else. At first, I had no idea under what circumstances I wrote this back in 2009. While composing this post, I remembered it was a mind-mapping, or brainstorming exercise from some book I got from the library — a right brain, left brain thing. I expect the exercise was “What matters?” and after doodling down keywords I sprang into prose as suggested. Startled by the last sentence, I then recalled it was an unexpected insight then, too.  Anyway, I thought I would share it.

And the answer came back, it matters to me to have JOY in my life. To have JOY I need to LOVE and TO BE LOVED. This is pretty easy as I have Rob and Vika to GIVE AND RECEIVE LOVE every day. And then there is the JOY I receive from my two children, to whom I freely give unconditional LOVE. That JOY extends with the special grandmotherly LOVE that I have for the children of my children. Over the past years my perspective of myself has changed, as I have unearthed the names and lives of my ancestors. This gives me JOY and RESPECT for their BRAVERY for coming to make a new life in a new land, and makes me THANKFUL for my life. To be JOYFUL, I try my best to be HAPPY WITH ME. I try not to judge myself against the lifestyle and material achievement of others. To own JOY, I do not need money, though it helps! I like to think that I have a POSITIVE outlook on my life, being a ‘glass half full’ person. Like my Heroine, Pollyanna, I LOOK FOR THE SILVER LINING in every dark cloud, and I DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF. I am no longer afraid of being alone.


3 thoughts on “What mattered to me in 2009.

  1. Hello Christine, let me be the first to ‘Like’ this piece. I was taken by the simplicity of the message and the writing style. I share just about the same things as you’ve prescribed in here. Finding happiness and joy is really quite easy if one cares to choose to do so.
    The title says What Mattered to me in 2009. Fast forward to the present time, do you still subscribe to what you you’ve written five years ago? I do hope you have doubled, tripled the celebrations in your life and that you will continue to embrace many many more joy and happiness in time to come.
    I take this opportunity now to extend my thanks to you for coming on board Duniya Ku. To be honest, Christine, I was going goo goo ga ga after finding out you are following my blog, especially after checking out all the great stuff you have in here. I wish I could be as articulate and creative in my writings like you and so many other bloggers out there. But it takes plenty of talent to do that and I know my limitations. I am just an ol’ gal goofing around in the blogosphere in between (her numerous) coffee-break times. So, to have you join me is quite flattering indeed. I just hope I will not disappoint.
    I am clicking follow right after posting this comment. Be seeing ya around then Christine! Happy days 🙂

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  2. Well to be honest Raroto, I am going goo goo ga ga at the kind words you have said about me and my blog. [blush] I seem to be setting some unexpected standard, much to my surprise. I love your ‘goofing’ around and think your blog is a joy to visit. No pressure or nothin’. 🙂

    Now, to address the five years since 2009. Some horrible things have happened but I say my feelings are still the same, if not reinforced.

    First, my sister died of pancreatic cancer. Rob had health issues with a recurrent eye infection for years which sent him blind in that eye and now it has been stitched shut to stop it from bursting. A week after his final eye visit, his son was killed (that’s sixteen months ago now) in a motorcycle accident. I was diagnosed with really high blood pressure which has taken some time to get under control. Then Rob almost died last May with a twisted bowel. He had three more short stays in hospital with bowel episodes while he waited for a bowel resection – it was finally carried out end of February.

    Things are just settling down and we are looking forward to hibernating for the winter. Well, you did ask! Welcome aboard Raroto. I’m happy you visited and like what you saw. 🙂


    • Oh, just forgot to explain the last sentence on the 2009 prose. I had a fear of being by myself for years. I went from being the eldest of six children, moved into a nurses home for training and then married. Until then I was never really by myself. A short time after I married the first time my sister came to stay for awhile. Then my dad and mum split up, so I had three brothers come stay with us, which was great. They stayed until I went to hospital to give birth. Then I wasn’t ever alone until my second child joined the first at school. I reacted badly to being by myself day after day and ended up a lot of the time driving in to town and visiting friends until it was time for the kids to get out of school. Or after the kids went to school I would go back to bed and read all day, only getting up in time to run around and tidy the house before they came home (and in later years, a swig of sherry to calm myself).

      Sometime during these past decades I have lost that fear of being alone. I hope it will not have to be put to the test anytime soon!


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