Under the footbridge

Really scrubby on both sides of the dry creek, its more of a drain. A bit cloudy this morning. 

Oh the shame of it!  What an awful photo, actually taken yesterday but refused to arrive on my blog.  I’ve just plugged my phone in to charge it up and  … hey presto. I wonder if Vika can handle a second walk, and if the sun is still filtering through the trees picking up the emerald-green! Lovely autumn day today. I better go see. It will give me more time to get over my shock to see me (deeply intelligent?), ahem, I mean my blog, featured on M-R.  Dear M-R, I have lurked for some time, ’tis why you have not noticed me.  Now, about another photo … Vika?

Oh, and welcome everyone. 🙂

Here we go, this was more of the look I’m aiming for in the first photo but the ray of sunshine was too brief.  That’s a burnt log, not a wild boar lurking in the grass. Vika looked disgusted when I took her straight home.



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  1. M-R says:

    My dentist used to be in a North Shore suburb that meant I had to cross a footbridge over what was once a lovely little creek … but most of the time it looked like this. :-\


    1. ChristineR says:

      It’s hard to imagine there is a busy highway just out of sight.


  2. I could have sworn it was a wild boar. I could see its beady eye looking straight at me. I was just about ready to climb the tree and shout for …help!

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  3. Hello Christine, M-R sent me, and I’m very glad she did.

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