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Charlie … my last cat

While tidying up one of my dark corners, I came across this oil painting, some decades old. I used to paint. It is a pretty bad photo, of a not very good painting, but gives enough evidence that I do love cats, if any of you were wondering.

This is Charlie, the last cat that I could really could call my own. Or maybe he belonged to the family, he might have belonged to my son. Sigh, I don’t really remember, but I know I loved Charlie.

[Oil paint on masonite, crudely framed]


In my previous existence I helped form a local art group in a very small western district town. I don’t know if they are still going or not.  We ran an annual exhibition each September and I actually sold a painting at one of them, sold another on the way home once, too. I was delivering to a neighbour (paintings the fellow’s wife had bought) and he wanted to see mine, and there happened to be a little view of a landmark on his property. He bought it. I was stoked.  Lovely bloke.



10 thoughts on “Charlie … my last cat

    • Hi Briony,
      yeah PK was Paul’s cat. Charlie came beforehand. I have a photo of Paul with Charlie which is what made me second guess myself. I did hope the girls would like the painting, thanks for showing them. Paul asked me to show them something I’d done and I never thought of this painting at the time. I haven’t laid my hands on my teenage scketchbook yet — hope the mice haven’t eaten it. I’ve some grouse sketches in it of grandma’s ducks.
      love you all, Christine.


  1. your painting of Charlie is wonderful Christine, he looks serene in that special self-contained cat way … I hope you have it on display! It is interesting to glance backwards in life and see what has come our way on the journey … great work starting an art group 🙂


    • Thanks for your kinf words. I’m going to hang it back up, once I mend the hanging wire.

      Re art group: I was the school mother’s club rep on the school council, and then their rep on an adult education committee for the district. The first things I organized for the locals was an oil painting night class (I participated too) and the art group came out of that. I would never have thought of it on my own. It was a lot of fun, we used to have weekend workshops and ended up with a little shop in town where we displayed our work.


    • Hi Sue, gee your posts make me giggle! I have no idea why your posts turn out this way (Sue emailed me about it). Maybe someone will know — I’ll check my settings in case there is some format issue happening just for you.

      it’s the background I don’t really like, no issue with the cat itself. I have no idea why I put it on a blue mat! must have been the colour I had the most of. 🙂


    • No matter how much Mr R says he doesn’t hate cats, his body language gives him away. He just isn’t used to them, it’s kind of sad that people grow up without a cat. I had three cats when we got together in 1990, rescued earlier in the year from my best girlfriend who couldn’t take them with her when she moved — her fellow not being a cat man either, his dogs would have killed them. Yeah, cats seem to make Mr R uneasy, can’t stand seeing one on the bed, so I just think its best not to have one.


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