Flowers, Vika

Vika & clover flower.


10 thoughts on “Vika & clover flower.

    • Certainly is, Sue. I would put off going on a walk if she wasn’t looking for it now. We walked all the way up the back today, to the vineyeard up there, but there was nothing to see except withered vines and upright poles and the weather was dull and the battery in my phone low.


  1. When we were little, we used to thread these flowers on stalks of some kind of bush , and they made lovely things to stick on your head. 🙂 Dunno about Vika but. [grin]


  2. Well I like this one on at least two counts. First any time there is a dog present, count on me to like it! Next I don’t know what the green stuff is, but it looks like something we used to chew on as kids. Altogether nice pic.


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