18 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: White

    • Ha! thought I just fixed that typo … in a rush to go to bed. Vika is a shitzu, Maltese & silky terrier cross. In other words, I didn’t have to pay for her. She is a sweetie. Catch you tomorrow Barbara. 😀


    • Hello Maggie, it was okay when there was just the seven or eight of them, but then the crowd grew daily and the smaller parrots and little birds were missing out. So I stopped putting out seed every day. I’ll start again, because looking at the photos reminded me how much I loved watching them. One day during summer I had a flock of sparrows lining up to take turns dipping into an icecream tub of water. It was hilarious.

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  1. Sue says:

    We put out bread for the birds, then Julius chases them when they come, have stopped taking him to see the swans, they are the same size as him and don’t put up with any nonsense. Tho it’s one way of teaching him a lesson I suppose, nah, that wouldn’t work.


    • Hi Raroto, my grandma had one, kept in a large cage while us kids were visiting, but sometimes we would see it on a stand with a fine chain about one foot. It could talk of course and come late afternoon it would start screaming it was time to bring in the cows. Grandma kept cows on the common, milking them twice a day (as one does), So all us kids would be running around yelling “Rod, time to bring in the cows!” and falling around laughing because the cockie sounded just like grandma’s voice. 🙂


    • They are a common sight around here Lesley. Whole flocks of them fly around screeching. They dig up the nature strip out front to get at the onion grass bulbs when they first sprout each year and the vineyards have to spread bird netting all over their vines to keep them off the grapes. I love them. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  2. Vika looks silky!

    Man I want to pick your brain about the wild Cockies as you call them! I have an Umbrella (White) Cockatoo, native to Indonesia as you might already know, and let me tell you he is a HANDFUL. They definitely aren’t the kind of bird you just pick up on a whim. Here in the US – and I’d imagine elsewhere – companion bird rescues are full of unwanted birds and a vast majority of them are cockatoos including the different yellow (or sulphur) crested. Oh sure he’s super funny, but when he’s not, he’s really not; had to get stitches in my ear earlier in the summer, first time in 12 years I’ve had him. I would like one day to see Cockatoos in the wild. When I scrolled down and saw your pic I just smiled ear to ear. As crazy as they can be, and as big of pests as I’ve learned they are to farmers there, that would be a magnificent sight.

    Another interesting fact is when kept in captivity feeding them seeds is something recommended only as an occasional treat (for all captive parrots). This being largely due to the fact that they don’t expend energy flying miles upon miles each day and having to navigate complex environments. My guy likes warm pastas, soups, or even cereal and milk!

    ANYWHO, sorry got off on a rant there! All in all would love to see more of them! (Oh yeah and they are SUPER destructive indoors if allowed to get their beaks on things.)

    Cheers! Thanks for sharing.

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    • Terrific comment eLPy. I don’t put the seed out every day so they don’t get dependant. Only one cockie feeds at a time now: I reckon it sneaks here while the others aren’t looking, so they don’t have to share. I was looking up ingredients in cockatiel food and saw baby cereal in it, so I’m looking into that. Watch your bird – lucky it wasn’t your eye. I have to check out your blog some more – just paid a quick visit to check if you had a forename available there and got sidetracked. 🙂

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      • Sounds like you’ve got an adventure with Cockies on your hands! (Okay, I’m a bird lover…) I wonder how they’d respond to you talking to them? And not even just talking but making fun sounds. Okay I am so trying to live through you!

        Yes, I was lucky. I’m also grateful he’s not so crazy it’s a regular thing. I know just where I went wrong, it’s all about paying attention to his body language and overall behavior. They are quite attentive to emotional changes. I was so frustrated with him that day and he me for constantly putting him away as discipline (he’s a trouble maker). I marched into the room all huffed and puffed up, he responded in kind. While it’s not okay that he’s comfortable trying to dominate like that they aren’t like dogs who have pack leaders. As far as I know parrots don’t quite operate on that kind of hierarchy.

        Blah blah blah…:D…I’ll post some pics of them soon, maybe even video if I make it happen. And thanks for visiting, I’ve been a bit absent on my blog for a bit but hope to pick things up.

        Take care!

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