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Flashback: Me in 1971

This was me in my motorbike fantasy stage, aged 16. With white house paint, I painted “live to ride, ride to live” on the bottom of my denim jacket.

I’m looking a bit feral here. I don’t know what my sister and I were doing wandering around the paddocks with the camera. Perhaps we just moved away from the house so we could pose without our little brothers laughing at us.

christine 1971

Carapook was about halfway between Coleraine and Casterton. I was in the fourth form at the Casterton Secondary School. In September of that same year, I met my first husband at the football grand final in Coleraine. The next year I went off to Mt Gambier Hospital as a trainee State Enrolled Nurse. That was back in the days when you were paid as you learned on the job.

In between school and work, I was on the dole for a couple of months and could buy myself motorbike magazines. I settled on getting a Suzuki as my first bike. Well, I’m not dead yet, there’s still time!


16 thoughts on “Flashback: Me in 1971

  1. Pee-Weet! You must have broken a Lot of hearts back then… 😉
    To be able to look back to the good old days is the best gift god’s given to us…for it means we still have our heads on straight, limbs intact, and … the internet is running uninterrupted! Happy Sunday sweetness!

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    • Hi Barbara. Yes I was innocent then. I was in my early 30s when I got my hearing aide, right after having an operation to put a plastic stirrup bone in the middle ear. Certainly improved the quality of mothers club and school council meetings. 🙂


        • Hi Barbara, I don’t believe I can get a free one until pension age which is at 66, another six years for me, unless this government does retrospective changes. I’ve got a cheap thing from China that might get me through until then. In fact, I forgot I even had it until I went to the doctors the other week without it – that’s the only time I’ve been using it. It was really handy when Mr R was in hospital, I could hear conversations properly but the damned beeping from machinery nearly done my head in. 🙂


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