It was only minus 2 when I made coffee this morning about 8.30am.  The sky has been a wonderful blue all day and there could even be hint of Spring in the air, but not quite yet. I love it when the air gets that particular feel – hard to define – but you know it when it arrives.

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Icy Grass & New Theme


13 thoughts on “Icy Grass & New Theme

  1. Sue says:

    Love the photo. Don’t expect it tomorrow, beautiful Spring weather here today, should follow on down to you. Have you changed your format, didn’t know if I had the right page at first. Like it

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  2. I LOVE the new theme – it suits you down to the ground, Christine ! 🙂
    I was almost going to take a photo of the three gerania this-morning; but then I thought I’d wait a little longer, until they actually impress. But I can tell you now that they’re all doing just fine !!!
    The icy grass is bloody AMAZING ! – but then I remind myself that you live in rural Victoria …

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    • Glad the geraniums are doing well M-R. Only water them when the soil feels dry to your finger and feed maybe twice a year – the latter is just a guess, I never feed mine. 😀 Glad you like the theme, it’s taken me all day to decide.


  3. I share your love of that seasonal change, it’s like an awakening when winter turns to spring just something in the atmosphere that shifts. Seasonal changes are my favourite parts of the year, I love the first snaps of autumn

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    • It’s something that is actually physical, you can feel the change. Glad you ‘get’ it. I’ve never really asked anyone if they felt it too, to see if it was just me. 😀


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