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Budding Spring

I noticed leafy buds during my walk this morning. Spring is high nigh.  The air still hasn’t the right feel, but almost there.


This one begins August 25th and goes for 17 weeks, at a 3-4 hours the weekly recommended committment. Imagine the stuff I can come up with in my blog, if I master these three basic concepts! Now, I might have to ditch another class elsewhere, but this one is a keeper.

Introduction to Computational Arts

This multidisciplinary production class serves as an introduction to, and exploration of electronic media in the arts. Lectures will cover concepts and presentations of artists working in various capacities with computers, as well as tutorials on specific software packages.

Course Learning Outcomes
Learners who successfully complete this course will have learned basic skills in three programs: Processing, Photoshop or Gimp, and Logic or Soundation. Throughout the three primary modules, students will be learn to give critical feedback to their peers about technical and artistic matters through a grounding in the history of technology and the arts. A digital portfolio will showcase your work from this course which culminates in a computational artwork using all three programs.

21 thoughts on “Budding Spring

  1. oh, you are very ambitious Christine. but go for it. am cheering for you!
    spring – here it is definitely summer. very hot during the day. but daylight hours are on the decrease again, and it does cool down at night which makes it rather pleasant.
    thank you for all your recent visits. am finally getting around to visiting some of the blog posts i missed.

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      • i was planning to visit a few blogs this evening, and headed over to dadirridreaming and just learned the sad and shocking news of Christine’s passing! am still shaking my head in disbelief. it seems so surreal!
        she was the one who connected us with my link on your blog when you were wondering which theme to choose, and i am very thankful for that. anyhow, i must call it a day. will continue catching up with blogs another day.
        anyhow do take care.

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        • We were all stunned with Christine’s sudden passing, Chris. I’m sorry I hadn’t noticed you weren’t in the comments, I would have told you. That week was hazy. I had felt so connected with her in just a short time. I remember how we got together through her, too. As you can see I’ve left that black columned Visual theme behind at last. Yesterday, I even pondered the Duotone theme again! Take care. ❤


          • No worries. Except for a few posts, I really wasn’t blogging much the last two+ months, what with travel, and some projects at home taking up my time. But I certainly didn’t expect to bump into such news. What a shock for her family. Very kind of them to share the news with us.
            Duotone is fun if you plan to post a main photo image. However, it is only the main image which is a larger size. The others are all smaller. Despite that limitation, I quite enjoy it. It is always such a surprise to see what colour background each post will be.
            I actually opted for Custom Design which has allowed the secondary images to be a bit bigger.
            Anyhow, do take care, too. Must call it a day. Hugs!

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    • Hello Maggie. One of the things I have promised myself is to never apologise for not visiting blogs – there are just too many of you wonderful people to get around all and do justice. So, you are excused. ❤


  2. Carol Ann says:

    You have the ‘burn’ to learn and that is so wonderful to have as part of your inherent psyche. The whole process becomes the joy that fuels your drive. I am amazed that you have all this energy. It is inspiring to me at this stage of my life. Some days I feel I can hold no more sadness. It drains me…and then I read one of your posts and am refreshed by your enthusiasm for life. I appreciate you, Christine. You are very special.

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    • Hello Carol Ann, I am touched by your kind comments. This drive of mine is pretty new to me, and has really only began building since I began this blog months ago. I’ve decided to take Terry Goodkind’s mantra to heart – it’s your life, rise up and live it. ❤


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