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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

cees fun photo challengeCee’s Fun Foto Challenge:
Black and White Photos

BELOW: My baby brother making mud pies.

I took these photos way back in December 1970 and March 1971 with a Box Brownie camera. (I turned 16 in February.) I probably didn’t know enough to keep the sun out of the lens, but these are still a precious photos. I loved this house. It had a huge garden, with great swathes of Agapanthus, and lots of trees to climb. My parents carapkrented an old farmhouse at Carapook, near the top of the Muntham Hill between Coleraine and Casterton, Victoria. This was my last home with my parents and siblings: I moved to Mount Gambier the very next year, for training as a State Enrolled Nurse, then married.

In South Australia we learned to give injections, this wasn’t part of the duties in Victoria, but I think that was the only difference. I’ll do a page about my training one day, but don’t hold your breath! In those days, all the training was provided by the hospital staff, including the lectures and exams.carapook hills 1970
carapook sheep 1970LEFT: Looking across the valley behind the house. The long dark lines are cypress tree plantations, planted as windbreaks to protect the sheep from the weather.

RIGHT: The sheep were shorn not long before, as they aren’t very woolly.


14 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

    • Aww thanks, Sue. When I went back to nursing, the first time since my training, I got into trouble for spending so much time with showering. One lady told me it was the first time she had washed her own ‘private bits’ for years! Yeah, I was a kind nurse. I was rapt when I got head-hunted by the doctors’ clinic. 😀

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    • It’s a worry, but I couldn’t possibly print out the hundreds I’ve taken. I do print the best ones though – through Snapfish, so it’s proper inks and paper. And our kids still give us family group photos. I hope to organise all my photos into sequence and order on the one storage device – one day!

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    • These ones were taken with a box brownie, Barbara: a scruffy black box dad produced one day, in 1969, for me. Until then, all our photos were taken and given us by other people – mum kept them in an old white handbag and we loved bringing them out. As to nursing, I did the 12 months training, married and then did some relief work at the local hospital once my kids were at school. I was working as the doctors’ receptionist/nurse when I walked out on my marriage and eventually left town. It was a good job, too. 😀


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    • Hello Kayti, these ones scanned so vivid, I had to reduce the whites. It’s a shame I didn’t think about the sun. It was a hot, sunny day, but I think that’s what I wanted to remember.


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