We did something unheard of, for a while – cleaned shopfront windows on a Saturday! Actually, we didn’t realise the Post Office was open Saturday mornings, and we went today so we could clean four panes of glass – doors and windows – in the entrance. Anyway, we cleaned two real estate offices nearby while we waited for it to close. Then afterwards, I said we may as well do the chemists a week early as it was filthy. So we did. Now Mr R is out cutting the grass before he comes in to watch his football team get beat. I’m playing his fantasy teams in grand finals, too – on both AFL Fantasy and Supercoach. I’ll probably get beat. Have a good day. ❤

Photos taken on my walk this morning.
bee2two bees

bees on hawthorn blossom

bees on hawthorn blossom

Bees & Bugs, Flowers

Bee on blossom


11 thoughts on “Bee on blossom

  1. Sue says:

    The little things are busy now that spring is around the corner. At one stage people in parts of S.A. wore worried about the lack of bees, but they made a comeback.

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    • I got flogged in both my grand finals with Rob, but no shame in that, Sue, as he is so far above me in ranking that he still cannot get over how I make it this far when I don’t really follow the football! I had hoped to win a ‘minor’ flag in another league – a playoff for the bottom eight, where I finished 9th, but that wasn’t to be, either. 😀 I think the weather effects the bees, during the drier times, they won’t fly as far.


  2. Ah, bees and blossoms – such a beautiful sight.

    (I am ignoring any reference to That Game. Living in a football-obsessed town when you don’t like football is tedious. One prays for the end of the season – and that the team doesn’t get into the finals so that end may come sooner. 😛 )

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    • Glad you like the photos. Yeah, I can understand how football can be tedious! The trouble with fantasy football is that you look at football in a whole different way – you keep your eye on every player in your own fantasy teams and find yourself torn between them and loyalty to your ‘real’ team. 😀


    • Hi Barbara, I get worried when vegans say they are helping the bees by not eating honey. It’s the commercial value of bees keeping them around in numbers. I was pleased to hear from Sue that they seem to have come back in force in South Australia. They always seem to be around here because we have local bee farmers in the area.


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