All three homes around this intersection have wood fires and on frosty mornings, if they are all stoked up at the same time, the smoke hangs in the air. I love the smell of wood-smoke. The frost is still on the ground where the shadows have only recently receded.

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Frosty morning today.


20 thoughts on “Frosty morning today.

  1. Sue says:

    The last couple of morning have woken up hot, would love some cold weather again, I really don’t like summer. Love the frosty trees. This up and down weather is playing hell with the arthritis. Over the last couple of days we have had today forecast as 30, 28 & 26, wonder what it will reach. Gotta go, Donald taped Dancing with the Stars and has just put it on. Have good day, catch you later

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      • Sue says:

        It’s ridiculous isn’t it. Supposed to be 28/29 today, Friday, then next Monday 16. If anyone in the public sector consistently got “it” so wrong they would be sacked, about 30 years ago had girlfriend who worked for Bureau of Meteorology and she snuck us in to have a look, row upon row of computer equipment, and not just on one floor either. Over the years thats Billions of dollars down the drain. Better just looking at the clouds, sunset/sunrise and checking the ants. Oh, and if the grounds not wet then its not raining.

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    • Nope, everything is deadly, M-R! When I first started with my asthma like symptoms we tried doing without the wood heater. It was horrible waking up to an icy house so abandoned that idea. I just minimize my smoke exposure. I should dust more, I know that – it’s a messy damn thing. We keep hoping natural gas will come to town. Politicians promise it, but it never happens. I had no idea that the smoke contains carbon monoxide (to that extent) nor did I know I am more susceptible since I have high blood pressure. Great. I’ll be even more careful now. Might look into alternatives. Pity this global warming isn’t actually warming up our winter. 😀


  2. Great photo! It was in the 70’s (mid 20’s C) here in DC today – we’re having a lovely autumn. Too soon I’ll be complaining about sub freezing temperatures and maybe snow. People are getting their logs ready for the fireplace – we don’t have a fireplace; we’ll be turning the gas on.

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    • I just can’t imagine living in a place where snow is normal! 😀 We have a state election this year (Vic) and the old promise of natural gas for our town was in this weeks paper! Now they say by the end of 1916. I wonder why I don’t believe it!

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      • I arrived in Washington, from Sydney summer, in the first week of January via a week in Hawaii enroute. I was woefully unprepared for the cold here! Those Sydney-winter clothes were just not warm enough. I’ve gradually acclimated to the cold but I will never get used to the high heating in people’s homes and the shops. I basically have summer clothes under my coat & scarves except when at home – we don’t have our heat on very high so people stay in their jumpers when they visit! 🙂

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        • I’ve noticed on TV shows how the heating is turned up, everyone strips off the heavy gear when they come in from the snow. I didn’t know if it was just TV or for real. I know it’s recommended about 22C as a good indoor temp but we like it about 25. 🙂


          • I’d be warm in your house then 🙂 . On the opposite end, I stayed with my in-laws once and they barely turned their heat on – we were sitting inside in outer garments! LOL – oh, and sleeping in socks, scarves and gloves!

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