How the Seven-Point Story Structure Can Help Your Writing (Reblog)

“Strategy is not a dirty word. Strategy means that you’re a professional, someones who knows what they’re doing. A team of trained monkeys can type the first words that come into their heads. A writer has a plan.”

So says William Bernhardt (p13, Story Structure: The Key to Successful Fiction)

The seven point story structure is laid out again for me in this blog post over at ‘A Writer’s Path’, though this time I understand it better. I’ve had a whiteboard sitting on my desk for a month – waiting for me to fill in these points and now I have a clearer understanding of how I must go about it. Deciding the end is the key. Well explained, thanks Ryan.

A Writer's Path


I still remember the day I started writing my first novel. I felt a little lost. I knew the basic concept of the story I wanted to tell, but the endless sea of possibilities on how to get there was overwhelming.

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    1. ChristineR says:

      Quick off the mark, Tess! ❤ Now, I must get off the internet and fill out my whiteboard!


      1. I scribbled these seven points right away. 🙂

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