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Will be a hot one today.

Sent from my phone. Expected temp is 41C. Just over 28C at 10:24am. Photo is from my dog walk not long ago. Most of the bark shedding trees have done so. Have a good day.


30 thoughts on “Will be a hot one today.

    • Hi Paula, the fire rating for the Adelaide Hills today is catastrophic! Good place not to be. We get Adelaide’s weather here eventually. It nearly takes this much heat to warm up our old house – but that was when the elm tree was still standing out front. We’ll feel the difference this summer. We don’t have an air-con because I reckon they mess with your natural defences. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

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        • 32 tops, and 38 in the shade. Today will be worse. 😀 fingers crossed … I haven’t even packed an escape bag with important stuff. One whiff of smoke and I’ll start packing (real packing, not just shitting myself!).


          • Oh, I’m not worried, Margaret-Rose. The change is coming through tonight and might bring lightning, then I’ll have something to worry about. The sky is dull, not a whiff of smoke, very windy, a little over 34 C in the loungeroom and 38 in the shade. I’ve given the dog a cool bath which she loved, topped up the water dishes around the place so bees don’t drown. (not a pretty sight – me trotting about in my long singlet!) Too windy for them now anyhow. The birds are keeping a low profile, too. I can’t see them anyway, with the front curtains closed. Blow-flies are massing in the fernery, the coolest place outside obviously! We’re expecting rain over the next few days and a drop in temperature for a day or two.

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          • la_lasciata says:

            Goob. If you’re not, I’m not.
            I do not like the mental image of blowflies massing in the fernery. UGH !
            H was telling me about the oncoming change: here’s hoping it’s a ripper !!!!!

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    • Wahhhhhhh … sook, sook … our big elm tree is gone, Barbara, and it took the brunt of the afternoon sun from us. We have the gum, nearly as huge it was, but that shade slips away as the day goes on. The photo is from the next block, though we have some nice trees in our yard too.

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  1. Sue says:

    Lay down, don’t move. We have the air conditioner on and it doesn’t really do much. The ceiling fans move everything around so you feel like you are getting a breeze. I feel limp already. Hope there are no big bush fires. Devastating for the wild life. Any moron that starts them should be stuck in the middle of one and left to fend for himself (serve them right).

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    • Last year when we had a run of the over 40s, I resorted to lying on the bedroom floor (with the laptop) as there is a concrete slab underneath the vinyl tiles. Nowhere near doing that yesterday, it never got above 32 in the lounge, and that’s easily doable – highest was 39 in the shade outside. Not using air-conditioning helps the body adjust I think.


        • Struggle is an understatement! I thought I was going to freeze to death when we hit -10 this winter!!! I do have an electric blanket but rarely use it, and then only if my knees begin aching. I think I promised never to complain about the heat again … hmmm, maybe that is the other way round 😮

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  2. I really don’t like the cold but I’m not sure I could cope with your temperatures right now, Christine. It must be absolutely draining and make you feel so tired. Although, I know you’re used to it, so I’m sure you just accept it and carry on as usual – with the help of the air con, of course. Bush fires must be a permanent dread to you all at this time of year, so let’s hope they just don’t happen.

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    • We don’t have an air-conditoner Millie, I don’t really like them much. I might put a fan on later today – I didn’t need to yesterday as the lounge didn’t get above 32, and our outside temp in the shad didn’t quite make 40. After I get my writing stint out of the way today, and read Tess’s blog (not necessarily in that order) I shall polish up my review of ‘Shadow of the Raven’ and put it up before I go to bed (when I can begin book two!).


      • It doesn’t sound as though you need lessons in time management, Christine. You’re evidently good at planning out your day. I plan mine out carefully . . . then someone turns up unexpectedly and it all goes to pot! I need a bigger lock for the front door, or perhaps that sign about trespassers being blood-eagled. I’ll thank you later!

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        • ROTFL !!!! My word for this year is DETERMINATION. ❤ Ohhhh, nasty business that blood-eagling! The heat yesterday scuttled my plans, ran out of puff and then my daughter finally decides to send menu and wine list updates this morning – I keep a wordpress blog for her, linked to her restaurant facebook page. Best laid plans …


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