Bees & Bugs

Bee looking for water.

Sent from my phone. A bee sitting on the rim of a margarine container of water. A second bee decided it wanted the same spot and this one flew off. I ended up putting out a large dish instead – with a rock in it for a landing point. It reached 39C in the shade yesterday. No fires near here … knock on wood!

Taken with Nokia Lumia phone camera, on auto, rotated and cropped.



20 thoughts on “Bee looking for water.

  1. Sue says:

    Poor little darling. Your nursing instincts include all creature. We forget about the insects in the heat, but, this is when all the spiders start coming inside. At my place if they are Inside they’re gone for good, except the big ones, will take them outside. Can’t take the risk with the black ones, kids want to pick them up or poke at them.

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        • 5 megapixels. Mines a telstra prepaid and I choose the long life option, so $30 bucks lasts six months and if I renew in time, it gets carried over. Same plan I had for my old flip phone. I use my home wifi to send to my blog from my phone, sometimes, but costs nothing extra. It’s a security thing, and at least it looks modern! 😀

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          • la_lasciata says:

            Yer way ahead of me technologically, Christine. But I’d never have the need to send to my blog from somewhere else … I can’t justify a smartphone, so pretend I don’t want one.

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  2. What a great photo, and it shows how much you care about our insect friends in the heat. Glad to hear there’s no fires near you at the moment. If we had 39 degrees here we’d probably all be screaming for mercy!

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      • We’re great bird lovers/watchers in our house, too, so I can understand that one. At the moment here we’re feeding our garden birds quite manically because the ground is often too frozen for worm hunting and, of course, there are no insects around. We have so many bird feedefs hanging around with all kinds of seeds and nuts for different species. Lovely things, birds.


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