Shanghai: Day 11, Part 6 – Dinner and a Show (Reblog)

If you have only 6:13 minutes to spare, then do yourself a favour and watch this spellbinding YouTube video (the second one) embedded in Tess’s blog as she tells of going to the theatre in Shanghai.

“A grown male and a young boy, supposed, toys did awesome contortions, again fluid and dazzling. Control of movement and upper body strength were the major players.”

I hope you have time to read as well … Tess has some great flash fiction there as well as her trip to China.

How the Cookie Crumbles

When we arrived at the hotel for dinner, a clamor for the small elevator ensued. We had eight bodies crammed into this inadequate space, but something wasn’t right. Someone piped up Sue was missing. The rest of us continued on the restaurant (7th floor stop), and Jackie returned to street level to find her. At the last minute, Sue had decided to change her shoes on the bus and hadn’t noticed we’d all left.


  • Scrambled eggs
  • Tomato and egg drop soup
  • Noodles (delicious, cannot guess flavour)
  • Potatoes with chicken in dark sauce
  • Sweet and sour chicken balls with red and green peppers
  • Eggplant in some kind of sauce
  • Breaded fish
  • Thin, pizza-flavoured crescent biscuits
  • Baby Bok-choy
  • Cut up orange for dessert

(Can you believe I hadn’t taken a picture. Yes, I’m surprised as well.)

Dinner finished by 5:45 p.m. but the bus wasn’t due until 7:00 to take the…

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7 Comments Add yours

  1. Christine, thanks so much for the re-blog. Totally unexpected, but much appreciated.
    I’ll need to plan another trip soon. 😀 😀 😀
    Happy New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ChristineR says:

      Those acrobats were are so totally AWESOME, Tess, and I just had to give others the chance to see them. 🙂


      1. You think this was great. Check out this later post and the video at the bottom. I promise you will be mesmerized:


  2. So interesting. Sounds like a great time was had by all.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ChristineR says:

      Hi Kayti, we’ve been umming and ahhing about going to China in a few years, and I’m finding Tess’s account of her tour very interesting.


  3. Sue says:

    Just got around to watching video, well worth it, they are truly amazing. Would have been great to see them in real time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ChristineR says:

      Fantastic, all right! 😀


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