19 thoughts on “Sunny Bee

    • The bees seemed quite frantic, Tess, looking for a flower with pollen. They were landing, the flowers were dropping down a few inches under their weight and then the bee would buzz off again to try another flower. I had bees shooting around me everywhere! The dog wasn’t impressed she stayed well away from where the weeds were growing. 😀


        • I’ve crossed out just now – silly me, I must choose better words, Tess. The other day I called a post ‘yesterday’!

          It seemed like the flowers had already been picked over too many times, or perhaps not quite ready yet. I’ve noticed bees aren’t around in the wind much, and these didn’t seem to like the way the flowers swayed.

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          • I’ve heard there have been problems overseas with the bee population declining – leading to pollination problems in the food chain. Australia is the only place that hasn’t been invaded by the Varroa mite causing the trouble – but we are still using a pesticide banned elsewhere in the world – it which messes with the bees memory of where their hive is. There are almost no wild European honey bees left. The bees might have been hungry, the heat drying up the flowers.


  1. Gosh I’ve got months before I see any of these guys, we just got about 8 inches of snow! But happy to see them here, and I like that in this picture it’s so big compared to the flower. it’s fun to watch them land on flowers that then bend under their weight . 😉

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