27 thoughts on “Bee

  1. Sue says:

    I don’t know how you get such clear photo’s, really lovely. Tell me do you get down on your hands and knees to get such close, clear shots. You can almost smell the perfume of the flower.

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      • I’m thrilled that you liked this book, too – and that you’re going to review it. Many, many thanks. But don’t half kill yourself rushing to get it done. There’s nor hurry, so fit it in whenever you can.

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      • Thank you so much for both reading and liking this book as well as the last one. No need to rush with the review – just fit it in whenever you can. I know how thorough your reviews are. I’m just grateful you’ve offered to do another one!

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  2. Darn you, Christine, now I’m going to have to Follow you, too. I just don’t have the time for all these darn Follows–I think I’m up to ten now. Erg. But your pictures are so wonderful, and the posts are interesting. Bugger. (Is that still rude? When I was a little girl in England, that was SO rude! ha ha ha)

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    • I love the word Bugger, actually. 🙂 It is so expressive! Thanks for the follow. Ten? A whole ten? OMGosh. Just kidding. I got a bit of a shock in the reader the other day when I found I’m following 179. That’s plain silly. No wonder I don’t have time to get around to everyone. But some I follow have 1000s and 1000s of followers so they wouldn’t even notice I don’t bother commenting. And some are websites, not WordPress blogs. I sprinkle ‘likes’ here and there and try and get to everyone who visits me … eventually! I’m fairly low maintenance, I hope! Don’t feel you have to comment every time. 😀

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