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each one a thin slice of life

I love the way Claudette shares her life with evocative poetry, lovely images and sprinkled whismsy. If you like the sound of that, pop over to her page to check out the rest of this poem and her blog. 🙂


If I could stack up my memories
each one a thin slice of life
would they add up to much
or simply be such
as a bland playing card of no worth

my treasures are mine for no reason
a laugh, a tear or a sigh
their value is in how I made them
and their price
only measured by me

a memory is only a window
on a sliver of time that has passed
but as life’s river flows on
to still hear it’s song
some shutters must be closed in haste

I know that they wait in the gloaming
jewelled lights covered in dust
some day a hand will brush gently
heart open, soul smiling
and let them shine once again.

© ceenoa

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5 thoughts on “each one a thin slice of life

  1. sue says:

    Makes me think of all the stuff stored away in boxes in the top of cupboards. Who will have the job of sorting through them and deciding what should be kept or thrown out when I have passed on. And, the piles of searches cluttering my desktop.

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    • It makes me think of future family historians rifling through my files, too, Sue. 🙂 I have boxes and boxes of unsorted papers, information kindly sent to me by distant cousins. I tried to have a ‘process one piece of paper a day’ rule but each one lead to days of further research. 😮 You know how it goes. And then every year or two, when I had visitors, I’d throw everything in a box and put it out of sight. I have many such boxes hidden away. [long sigh]


  2. sue says:

    If you get some small cheap shelves, fill them up with the boxes and put a board across the top & voila, a desk. Or a fancy shawl over a couple of low stacks of boxes and you have a coffee table (for every chair that you own)

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    • Oh Sue, I have four wooden filing cabinets (with six large drawers and two drawers all up) and a gazillion hanging folders and plastic sleeves to store my papers. That worked for a year. I brought a great desk with hutch off ebay last year – with a proper pull-out shelf for the keyboard and another for the printer. 😀 I kept it clutter-free for months, so much so that Mr R felt compelled to comment. I remember the first time I saw one of those plain wooden round table forms underneath a long sumptuously decorated tablecloth. I was appalled! It seemed like cheating.


  3. sue ouzounis says:

    Have been a bit sneaky lately. Been inputting paper records into the computer & posting the paper to my brother. I can squeeze a heap of pages into the envelope.


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