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I-CAD #1: Chevron

Here is my first card in the index-card-a-day challenge. As usual, I’m beginning late, but I don’t have to catch up. I’ve fiddled and fussed nearly all day – a lot of time just finding stuff stashed away in boxes.

The challenge is about the DOING and not the
It is the process of creating each day that matters.

The prompt is chevron and I have created a pub sign using cardboard, torn paper, printed letters, gel pens, crayons and a sea-dragon made from several silver stickers (it scanned black and looks better!). Thanks for looking.


I don’t know if you remember, but all my cards will relate to my novel.



11 thoughts on “I-CAD #1: Chevron

    • The old brain is working over time! Today’s prompt is carnival. It is one thing I haven’t worked on in my world-building, but all societies have some sort of celebrations and it was in the back of my mind anyway.


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