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Index-card-a-day challenge #2 & #3

#2  Carnival      (I did do it yesterday – these are 4″ x 6″ )    We are celebrating the anniversary of the rout of the pirates. The carnival lasts a day and a night.


#3  Draw a map.


Not happy with the gel pen colour. Too late now. The name of my Country is top-secret and only produces two results in a Google search.

The next prompt – mailbox.  😮


12 thoughts on “Index-card-a-day challenge #2 & #3

  1. What fun. I like the pirate theme, whimsical notes on the map, and the burst of color behind the black, celebrating silhouettes on the wonderfully detailed carnival card. You must have had fun creating these.

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    • Thanks Sue. I do have the yen to do the little book I wrote and illustrated when I was 8. Mum still talks about my Johnny the Grass-seed. 😀 I think I’ll stick to writing fantasy.


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