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Index-card-a-day: Taxi & Periodic Table

Here we go. Index-card-a-day challenge for the last two days. Using 4″ x 6″ cards.


#6: Taxi  

My wizards do not allow a ferry to bring people to their island, so the journey is by boat or by dragon (or the few magic doors). Used patterned and plain papers, gel pen, double-sided foam, matchstick, gel pen, dried up ink pad, willpower.

06 taxi

#7: Periodic Table

What? Yes, that’s what I pondered for days leading up to this one. So here we have a periodic table which has somehow come through the magical barrier. Used cut out magazine hand, cardstock, paper, teabag, gel pen, printed periodic table.

07 periodic table

Yes, folks – surprise, surprise – magic is failing. I didn’t think I really needed to know the mechanics of that until the next novel. But, when I drew the map last week, the limits magically materialized. Bingo. Now I can foreshadow it, as I should.

The coming week is interesting – the prompts are all foodstuffs.

I hope the Aussies have had a nice long weekend for the Queen’s Birthday. Does anyone else celebrate this on this weekend? Well, I don’t actually even think of the Queen, let alone think of birthday wishes – but I love the holiday.

Saturday was our 23rd wedding anniversary, but I don’t really count that either. We actually began living together 25 years this coming Christmas. To me, that’s our real anniversary.

Have a nice day / evening. ❤


8 thoughts on “Index-card-a-day: Taxi & Periodic Table

  1. Congrats – on everything. It’s funny what we count as the “start”. For me, it was the day I fell in love, then when we moved in together, then when we married, and every year after his death is another “should have been”.


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