11 thoughts on “Walking the dog: some random photos

      • This is going to sound rude, but just chalk it up to me being American: My sister says in all the interviews she’s seen in Australia, people are always batting flies away from them. I haven’t seen that, and Margaret-Rose already put my mind to rest about giant spiders (she said she’s NEVER seen one indoors).

        So: Is your own corner of Eden fly-ridden, fly-free, or seasonally fly-bound?

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        • And you believed M-R? who lives in the middle of Sydney? Yep, we get flies in season – they like sweat. But the biggest spider I’ve seen inside here is only the Huntsman – about the size of the palm of my hand and that’s only to the end of his toes, not his body size. And they are a bit seasonal too. You didn’t mention the poisonous snakes? We get them too, in season. But not one in our house for years. 😀

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