16 thoughts on “Cockatoos

  1. sue says:

    They are getting used to you, or, I don’t want to burst your bubble, maybe they are looking at their reflections and thinking what pretty cockies they are. Shouldn’t there be a third one around? When do you get your results from the doctor? I hope they are level or you will be eating the seed and the birds eating the porridge

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    • I just mentioned them in passing since the previous photo was taken from the local hospital’s car park. Just my routine cholesterol, full blood examination, thyroid and fasting blood sugar tests I have twice a year – health screening since I’m getting older. My cholesterol has been high in the past and I’m really keen to know if my new effort at increasing activity and eating less is making a difference. My thyroid is running at its usual level, but the parameters have been moved and so it is now not normal. It’s genetic in the females in our family – I’m borderline as far as needing medication goes. I’ll be surprised if my FBE turned up anything to worry about – I feel good. Too much information?

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      • No, not TMI. Glad there’s no crisis, and it will be great if you do hear good news on the cholesterol.
        (But even if not, your body benefits from the healthier choices. I’m not as big on numbers as on choices–except, I notice, lately, when I’m packing on pounds despite what seem to be good choices. Erg.)

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    • I yell at them and ask if they want some seed. I’m sure one of them is trying to imitate me. Unfortunately my voice is like my grandma’s, a bit on the screechy side. Maybe in a few decades before they start calling for seed. 😮

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