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I am so happy with todays birds. Now lots of galahs have turned up when I put more seed out so “my” cockies would get some. Lots of lovely photos to share. Now, must finish sorting the papers on my desk. The Two cockies have arrived. I’ll have to put out more food at this rate.


11 thoughts on “Galahs

  1. You are so fortunate in the variety and beauty of the birds that visit you. Sadly, my husband and I have seen only robins, siskin, goldfinches, purple finches, sparrows, and doves for several weeks now. Oh, and I can’t forget the downy woodpecker that puts in an appearance now and then and the raven that drops by to dip stale bread in our birdbath before he eats it. All in all, now that I list them, I guess it’s not such a barren summer after all.

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