Colour contrast blossom and sky

Hello people, yeah, I know, two posts in the one day. While I fished out that bee & Grevillea photo, I saw this one. Taken about a month ago, on the Nokia Lumia 530. It’s one of those ornamental fruit trees, no idea what sort but it was really striking. pink blossom against grey skyClick on it once or twice to get a large image, depending on your device.


7 thoughts on “Colour contrast blossom and sky

  1. Amazing flowers, especially when no leaves yet, and with such a dramatic sky. This is one of my favorite photos of the hope that the changing seasons can bring.

    Two posts from you in one day is doubly good. I enjoy seeing and reading about you each day. I especially enjoy learning more about life “down under”. Your flora and fauna are remarkably different from ours.

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