11 thoughts on “On my fence just now

    • LOL, no it wasn’t me. I sent the photos from my phone. This theme does this strip of colour for the gallery, apparently! Bit bright on the eyes! I’m a bit too keyed up to write today, looking forward to my holiday. 😀


    • I enjoyed being distracted by your family history questions, too. I visited your Ancestry site, and gee, it has changed format since I was last on there. I was nearly sucked right in, wanted to do more research, but restrained myself. 😀 😀 😀


  1. sue says:

    The site looks good but bit harder to navigate. They keep sending me hints, you probably get them to, most of which are irrelevant. (Makes it look as though they are looking out for you). Couple of the other sites send me hints, but their program obviously isn’t set up to work out that they are sending me what I HAD ENTERED, duh. Would have been better if I had done something like your site in the beginning, but I get too distracted to follow through like you have. Keep up the good work with your pictures, you should really put them together in a calendar or poster form, or find someone who wanted to do it. Hope it’s not drying out too much around your way, everything shrivels up very quickly & I have to keep pulling prickles out of mum’s dog’s (Bindi) paws.

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    • I have to keep away from family history. I’m enjoying it again and now is not the time to be sidetracked.

      You know, Sue, I’ve been thinking of ‘doing’ something with my photos. Some of them turn out really well, so imagine if I actually put a bit of thought or effort into it, and with a REAL camera.

      It is drying out fast here, thought we had rain over the last few days. Vika is covered in burrs, too, she keeps poking her head into clumps of weeds. (We have a rabbit or two in the backyard plus cats visit overnight, I think). 😀


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