Joe’s Road

From our walk yesterday.
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  1. sue says:

    My God, if I turned a corner and saw that I would turn and walk back home in a flash.

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    1. Leery of country lanes, Sue? Hard to believe there’s a busy highway just ahead. 🙂


  2. sue says:

    No, just that it’s a longggg walk. Wouldn’t know there was anything other than animals around

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    1. Oh heck, Sue, I was only halfway along – perhaps less – when I turned around to take the shot. I continued on and around to the left, and walked up a hill to the vineyard up there. I don’t go this way much because it’s too much strain watching out for traffic on the narrow road, especially on the tight corners. I can’t hear anything until it’s too close for comfort.


      1. sue says:

        Half way?? Glad I don’t go for walks with you.

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  3. Claudette says:

    Loving that country road – take me home country road!

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    1. It has a charm, Claudette.

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