A bird tale

a bird tale

I’m having a lazy bones attack (what’s new!) between my Wednesday jobs – catching up on a few blogs before I go out again.

Have a nice day!   😀


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  1. sue says:

    I think I do that every day. Well, usually

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  2. Outlier Babe says:

    Hey, Christine,
    I guess I’ve been having a few months of them. Just dipping in for a day or two, but I’ve missed your happy posts with all your friends and the wonderful scenery.
    –O. Babe

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    1. Lucky I haven’t been posting as much then, so you haven’t missed as much. 😀

      I’ve just changed back to the Twenty-Fourteen theme, so my in-your-face photos will be back. Do drop in when you have the time. We love having you. ❤


      1. Outlier Babe says:

        It will probably be another longer while, but I will–glad the photos will be back–and thank you for the love!

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