Shades of grey

This morning, early. Promises of a hot day, around 37C.

wp 20151119 05 51 35 pro
about 5:30am

Sent from my phone this morning … but I forgot to turn my wi-fi on, so it never went until an hour ago, when I sent my PC a photo for a new post.

I’ve cleaned windows in a four-bedroom home this morning, finished by 11:30am – before it got too hot. At home, it reached 35C in the shade.

I’ll be back, as Arnie would say.

No spell check in this newfangled post editor (or I just can’t see it), so I will rely on the browsers wavy red lines.  Doesn’t like wi-fi?

Stiff.  🙂


2 Comments Add yours

  1. sue says:

    Oh, so the sun is awaka at 5.30. Long time since I’ve been up that early.


    1. ChristineR says:

      Well, there was light in the sky – this time of the year the sun comes up further left.


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