Eucalyptus platypus

This lovely pale green blossom is borne by the Eucalyptus platypus, a small tree native to Western Australia. We have one in our service road along with the other native plantings. Also known as Platypus Gum, Moort, or Round-leaved Moort.

2015 12 dec 520 beewings


2015 12 dec 520 064
This might be a bee, some do have a red abdomen – perhaps a reed bee.


The platypus gum is putting on a good show this year. The blossoms sport richer colouring, thus more obvious to the eye against the backdrop of their leathery leaves. I love the claw-like cluster of pods.

Images taken this morning on my walk. (Nokia Lumia 520 windows phone)

Have a good day. 🙂


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  1. sue says:

    He is an unusual looking little fella. Amazing how many different bees there are, over 1,500 just in Australia

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  2. ChristineR says:

    I was staggered when I found out there were so many. It does look like the reed bee pictured on the bee site I look at. And that big-eyed bee I pictured days ago turns out to have wasp-like markings and is a hover-fly! Once I uploaded the photos to my PC, I could see properly. Have a good evening, Sue. 🙂


  3. sue says:

    Safer just to call em all “bugs”.

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  4. Outlier Babe says:

    Oh, that phone–such pictures! And someone with skill wielding it, of course.


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