Stopping for long minutes to take deep breaths of fresh air on my walk this morning – standing on the footbridge. Being thankful for my life. Vowing to look after myself so I can get older.

Have a good day. ❤

wp 20160112 09 27 46 pro


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  1. Geetha B says:

    Have a good day too 🙂

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  2. sue says:

    By the time I got back home after 15 minute walk I was sweating – also vowing to look after myself. That changed as soon as I walked in the door and sat down.

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    1. ChristineR says:

      Yes, but those 15 minutes are gold – just do that every day.


  3. Elizabeth says:

    Have a wonderful day! I’m getting ready to go to bed now, still Monday night here!

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  4. Outlier Babe says:

    Wonderful post, photo, and thoughts, Christine.

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  5. skybright1 says:

    Getting old is a good idea! Getting fitter is a grand step along the way! Enjoy life!

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    1. ChristineR says:

      Only way to do it, Effy. We only get one.


  6. Claudette says:

    All good things 🙂

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  7. julieallyn says:

    Simply – and wisely! – put. Gorgeous photos!!

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