16 thoughts on “Pink Hebe

    • I didn’t know what they were when I bought them, but they grow well. I cut mine back every year to stop them going leggy. Lots of varieties and colours (especially in New Zealand) – this one has a specific name which I couldn’t be bothered checking. 🙂


    • Hi MJ, I was really pleased how well the photo came out – I must have been holding it in exactly the right place so it wouldn’t become grainy when I cropped it. The middle one looks like it has eyebrows!

      Hey! Just nicked over to your place – checking -and I see that you’re posting again. Yayyyy! All the best to you and yours for 2016.


    • Not bad for a cheap phone camera! Of course, if one takes about 40 images, one is bound to get a good one now and then! I was pretty amazed at that face-on bee though! Being overcast must have let the macro lense lock in better.


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