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Haiku : Easter Egg Warning

Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge #84: Milk & Smooth

As usual, I’m using Haiku in English Form (5 / 7 / 5 syllables) for Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku challenge. I’m using this weeks words, as is: milk & smooth. I tossed around various ideas, but kept coming back to chocolate.


The two sentences …

Divinely smooth milk chocolate pleasures the tongue.
Chocolate pleasures the tongue and wrinkles the bum.

The opposites are smooth  and wrinkled, though I’m really thinking smooth and bumpy. I thought of using dumpy derriere but ran out of syllables.  Unspoken ecstasy and agony  come into play, too, do you think?     😮

Image:  The remains of a chocolate bunny (2015, FujiFilm FinePix A607 digital camera). For the haiku, I have cropped and ‘exploded’ the image in IrfanView, and added the text boxes in Faststone.

Do have a good weekend.   ❤



18 thoughts on “Haiku : Easter Egg Warning

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  2. Love your witty haiku, Christine. Yes, ‘unspoken ecstasy and agony’ are definitely factors in chocolate indulgence. I tend to ignore the agony. My Christmas chocolate lasted for over a month (a little daily nibble), but now I’m getting withdrawal symptoms. Ha ha!

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