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On my walk this morning

Sending from my Windows Phone because I can’t be trusted on the internet yet.

Wet this morning. Looks settled in. A while back I thought the American sycamore was showing signs of autumn but the oaks are not turning. I reckon the sycamore was just sunburnt.

Have a good day.  🙂

wp 20160406 09 09 47 pro


4 thoughts on “On my walk this morning

    • It is a little footbridge going over a drain which I like to call a dried creekbed. I don’t know why one of the railings is off. I should take a hammer with me one morning. 🙂

      Nothing happened to my internet except I can’t get off it when I should be editing and rewriting my novel! I have to make myself do the work first. So I tootle around and catch up on emails with the tablet in bed with my morning coffee, and use the phone to post straight to the blog by wi-fi. But I am too lazy to walk across the room and get my instagram details to log in after the last upgrade. I better get back on there. I’m enjoying drawing the dragons – you girls all inspired me to finally start draw something. Thanks for dropping in, Elizabeth.

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