Hoo Hoo: Powerful Owl

I’ve been seeing the Powerful Owl again, two days in a row over the weekend. Always the single owl. It is used to me, now, and will not even open its eyes to look at me or the dog. I took these photos last week.  The featured photo is the service road the dog and I walk on each morning. The owl/s sometimes roost in the oak tree (the light green one).

owl watching me from the oak tree
I wasn’t as lucky as the first time – no sunlight bringing out the eyes


Taken with the Nikon D3000. I cropped the images and optimized in IrfanView, and applied the frame mask with FastStone (both free)


owl looking down at me
I walked underneath it, and bingo, got the eyes, so cute! I love the pattern in his feathers, especially the way they interleave.


Have a good day.

LINK to a page with two owls, one with prey in its claws.






2 Comments Add yours

  1. sue says:

    shhhhh, he’s trying to sleep. Great photo’s

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ChristineR says:

      Yes, he ignores me now!


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