A puny gerbera saluting the morning sun. (Nikon D3000)   🙂



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  1. sue says:

    They always brighten up the garden. Friend Susan’s dad used to grow them and he had some double the usual size, gorgeous.

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    1. Mine probably need a good feed as they are years and years old. I’ve messed up my setting son the camera, and I think had it on macro instead of auto. I whacked it on here anyway – experimenting with what happens with this new theme. 🙂


  2. sue says:

    You doing a man thing, not reading the manual?

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    1. Trouble is, I am reading it. Best leave it on auto. 🙂


  3. sue says:

    Oh dear, you sound like me. Only reason I can do things because it happens accidentally, then half (well most) the time I can’t remember what I did.

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