Red-browed Firetails


This flock of finches have taken a liking to my clothesline.


Might has something to do with scattered seed nearby.

red-browed firetail finches

Red-browed Firetails

Yesterday, with the Nikon D3000, on auto.

Do have a good weekend!   🙂


9 thoughts on “Red-browed Firetails

    • I would have put seed in the backyard, sooner, if I had of known they would be interested in hanging about. Thanks for dropping by Millie. I’m progressing well on ‘Taniel’, down the home straight now. 🙂


      • That’s good to hear, Christine. It will be worth the extra effort you’ve put into your book once it’s published. You won’t have a single editorial mistake in sight. You’re right to be so thorough. 🙂

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        • My Wattpadders are pointing out the odd missed word and such. Recently, I had one new reader checking in with me after reading about six scenes, wanting to confirm the plot premise. I was a bit horrified because I thought my story question was something else, but I decided he was partly right. I’m getting very positive responses to my writing style and my confidence is growing. Thanks for your encouragement.


          • I think it’s great you’re getting all that feedback and encouragement before you publish. No one but me read mine until it went on Amazon, apart from the editor. Unfortunately, unlike with traditional publishing, when you ‘hire’ and editor to read/edit your book, it’s only once – unless you pay more for rereads. I know I made more typos after he’d finished with the book, when I was tweaking things. Having a book edited professionally isn’t cheap, but I’d never heard of things like beta readers or Wattpad. Make the most of them! Your book will be great, and well worth taking the extra time over it.

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          • Thank you Millie. I can’t afford an editor so I must spend the extra time on it. I just didn’t realise how much work it would be. But book two should go smoother with all the insights I am getting with this one – certainly will not take four years!


          • I know exactly what you mean. As for editors, they aren’t cheap, but they’re usually brutally honest, which is what we need. I know you’ve had lots of people reading yours on Wattpad, so that would have done a lot for you. My first book took a lot longer than the second to write and I always feel a lot closer to it because of that. I think we pour our hearts into the first. Can’t wait to read yours!

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