On my clothesline: lorikeets & finches

rainbow lorikeet & red-browed firetails on my clothesline
rainbow lorikeet & red-browed firetails

This morning, the NikonD300, on the guide setting. When I asked for blurred background it put it on the sports setting. I’ve cropped and sharpened in GIMP. I still haven’t taken the time to learn to use this Nikon yet.

rainbow lorikeet hanging on my clothesline
rainbow lorikeet hanging on my clothesline

This is one of the best shots I have ever taken of a flying rainbow lorikeet.

flying rainbow lorikeet
flying down

I love this one below, too, despite the peg shadows across its body. In another year, I hope to know how to do the setting to have lovely sharp images. It will happen if I put my mind to it.

flying rainbow lorikeet
the second bird arrives, shadowed by pegs

I am looking forward to the weekend and some lovely pre-Spring weather.

Do have a good day, and thanks for looking. 🙂



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  1. Oh! These are amazing pictures and amazing colors! I so love birds.This one is like a rainbow 🙂

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    1. I was thrilled when this pair of birds turned up in the neighbourhood a few years ago. There was a second pair, but I think they took up territory a few blocks away. These ones are very cheeky and show aggression to bigger birds. Thanks for dropping in, Christine.

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  2. Olga says:

    The upside down feathered friend is so cute. I do love the wing expanse and clarity of the last one with the peg shadows. Actually if you wouldn’t have mentioned it, I would have thought the shadows were from tree branches. 🙂

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    1. That one is the clearer of the two in flight. He hung upside down for ages, so I have a few good ones. Thanks for calling in and for your support on Wattpad. Much appreciated.

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  3. sue says:

    In one picture of the Lorikeet, he looks very cross, you can almost hear him saying “those damn pesky finches, why don’t they find their own perch, don’t know what’s happening to the neighbourhood”.

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    1. LOL, I just noticed that myself -he is giving the finches the evil eye! 🙂


  4. Aunt Beulah says:

    Your description “flying rainbow” is matched by your photographs. Such an amazing bird.

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  5. we had a pet called homer he looked like this one

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    1. Rainbow lorikeets are gorgeous,and I feel blessed to have this pair call in often. Thanks for calling in Suzey!


  6. Great shots! I’ve never been able to get a good still shot of wings in motion. I too rock a Nikon and use gimp for a lot of my editing. I have a few tutorials on gimp if you’re interested. Happy shooting!

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    1. I’ve been and had a quick look at your blog and will go back and look some more when I get time. I’m surprised – with your camera – that you cannot get wings in motion! I don’t feel so useless at it now. Thanks for dropping in and I’ll check out your tutorials, for sure.

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      1. Thank you! And yeah, wings are tough and hard to come by out here. I almost got a good shot of some when a pigeon landed on my fence. Thanks for following!

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