More bees

These were taken the same day as the last post, with the Nikon D3000, on auto.

bee & nectarine blossom










Thanks for looking.   🙂


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  1. sue ouzounis says:

    Fantastic, that camera is a beauty, the photo’s are so clean and clear.

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    1. It is a good camera. I got it on eBay from a pawn shop down Frankston way! It will be better when I learn how to use it properly, though I am happy with it on auto, that’s for sure.


  2. prior.. says:

    the wings in the third photo had me looking and looking a few times – cool angle – and the bee series really are a celebration of nature…. extra nice on during this rainy week….

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    1. I am stoked with those wings, the light fell on them just right. Glad my bees brightened your day.

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      1. prior.. says:

        🙂 –
        still buzzing a bit

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  3. That’s a great picture ! I love my Nikon also. No time to take bee pics lately but I hope to again soon.

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    1. Thanks for dropping in Caroline! I’m obsessed with taking bee photos and can’t wait until there are lots about.


      1. Me too. Not unusual to see me wearing a bee hat with a camera in my hand.

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