Skinks are one of my favourite creatures. Here are some photos I took at the weekend with the Nikon D3000.


garden skink










I expect these are the common Garden Skink. One kindly posed for me while I steadied the camera on a piece of wood. The others skurried into the wood pile.

Thanks for looking.



13 thoughts on “Skinks

  1. Hi Christine, I can’t say I like skinks, I think I’ve never seen you around here. But your photos are great. I’m cleaning up my blog, so deleting lots of people I follow, it’s easier to delete everyone and them follow back the important ones. So don’t be surprised when you see I’m following you again! 🙂

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  2. sue ouzounis says:

    My favourite thing about them is they eat all the nasty garden bugs & slimy creepy crawlies. My m-i-l hates any kind of lizards, reckons they predict a death in the family, but she will quite happily pick up something crawling with red-backs

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    • Lol, I think he must have been cold and just didn’t want to get out of the sun. I was surprised at the extra colour, too. I have the Nikon set on the hghest quality image – most of them get deleted anyhow. But I get some lucky gems now and then!


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