Australian Painted Lady

I was taking photos of bees in my red bottlebrush bush when I spotted this butterfly up high in the tree outside our kitchen windows.



I discovered that it is called the Australian Painted Lady. It has an alternative name of Blue-Spotted Painted Lady because of its tiny blue spots on its hind wings. I didn’t get close enough to see those clearly. The male genitalia is different from other painted ladies, so ours is considered a separate species (Vanessa kershawi).




In Spring, the adult butterflies migrate southward from Queensland and New South Wales, sometimes en masse.




I will have to keep an eye open for caterpillars. They love daisies, including capeweed. I haven’t seen many of these butterflies about, though, so I do not like my chances.




So, I wandered off to another part of the garden and I could hardly believe it landed right by me. Just a little too far away. Certainly does not look much with the wings closed. You can see the white ends of his antennae.







All images taken yesterday using the Nikon D3000 SLR, on auto. Cropped, scaled, and sharpened in GIMP.

Thanks for looking.   🙂


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  1. sue ouzounis says:

    Don’t see many butterflies mostly white moths. But then again I’m not out in the garden that much and we don’t have much of a garden to be out in. So love all your pictures of flowers and bugs.

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    1. We have the odd cabbage moth flying about and some smaller pale moths or butterflies. I thought this was one of the other orange ones I’ve photographed, but then I saw the lace-like edges. Glad you enjoy my photos, Sue. We don’t seem to have as many bugs about yet. Plenty of damned mozzies!


  2. Looks similar to our Monarch butterfly (Canada-Mexico migration). Very cool, thanks for sharing this.

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    1. The Monarch turn up in northern Australia, these days, too. Much the same, but without the red markings. Thanks for dropping by.


  3. prior.. says:

    Well Lady R- your painted lady photos are varied and beautiful! How cool that this one was so chill and comfy to hang out!

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  4. I haven’t seen a butterfly in ages. This one makes up for it.
    Wonderful captures, Christine. ❤ ❤ 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Tess. We don’t get many. There are none of the little skippers about. They must be seasonal, too.


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