So, hello people, I’m back. Welcome to all those recent followers, amazing, really, considering my neglect and unannounced departure for a couple of months. I haven’t had any strife in my life – I just found it hard to get back into any sort of routine after three weeks of camping. Got a bit melancholic, and lost track of the small things until just a few days ago, when while walking in the wind, a shower of golden autumn leaves flicked my joy-switch back on. I might even unpack the camera, soon.

These bird photos were taken at Big Tom’s Beach on the Murray River, near Cobram, on the border between Victoria and New South Wales.



Thanks for looking.





White-faced Heron


6 thoughts on “White-faced Heron

  1. sue ouzounis says:

    Such beautiful birds. Been meaning to catch up but don’t seem to get much time. Someone is always wanting something. Usually when you have just sat down with a cuppa. Don’t know how many times I have zapped the tea and coffee then it goes cold again before I can drink it. Oh well. You can always contact me if you need to chat about anything, I don’t go far.


  2. Carol Ann says:

    Your photos’ composition is always so impressive…your bird shots show their grace and beauty…loved seeing your little dog in the water…I sadly must part with Woofy very soon. He is sixteen and losing strength rapidly. He has been such a lovely little friend…and I will be heartbroken to part with him.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for your kind words, Carol Ann. So sorry to hear about Woofy. Vika is sixteen, too, and runs around like a puppy in the morning before her walk but acts her age the rest of the day. I understand your impending heartbreak perfectly.


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