header book promotion Its a Family Affair

Book Promotion: It’s a Family Affair

I’m going all out, over the next few months, building my email list ahead of my second book. I don’t promote freebies on here much, but thought the readers among you might find something in this general fiction promotion that my Taniel: A Corrangorachian Fantasy is in.

“It’s A Family Affair” celebrates Father’s Day, held third Sunday in June each year in USA, Canada, UK, France, India, China, Japan, Philippines and South Africa. (In Australia, it’s in September.)


My story is a bit on the melodramatic side, well, maybe more than a bit, but hey, it has fans.

Despite the fantasy and magic, my underlying theme is family and all point-of-view characters have a some sort of relationship with the Taverner’s daughter. During the final rewrite, Taniel’s father ended up playing a far bigger role than I had anticipated, so Taniel slots in well with a Father’s Day theme.

There are over 50 books on offer, some might be samples,  delivered by BookFunnel, and since the promotion is aimed a list-building, you exchange your email address for the book/s of your choice. Of course, you can unsubscribe from author’s lists at any time.

header book promotion Its a Family Affair

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dad shark 2

On of my favourite pictures of my dad, taken by me with a Box Brownie in the early 1970s.






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