Haven’t seen the cats much this week. So fished around in my blog photo archive for the picture of the oil painting I did back in the early 1980s of my cat Charlie.


At the last second after pressing ‘schedule’ I decided to take a new photo and crop a portrait – the other was pretty atrocious and made a badly proportioned painted cat look even worse! Sincere apologies as I’ve learned those who get notified by email received a link to the deleted post. Oopsie. As Maxwell Smart would say ‘I missed it by that much.’

Do have a great day. Stay safe.


Friday Feline

Charlie – in oils


2 thoughts on “Charlie – in oils

  1. sue says:

    That’s one very contented cat. Nothing wrong with your painting, full image a bit out of proportion but that could be just a tubby belly. You are lucky you can paint, all I could every do was copy, can’t even do that now.

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