And almost nine months on … so much can happen in that time and I can’t just pretend I haven’t been ‘missing’ — again!

I picked up my hearing aids after the last time I posted. WOW. I stepped out into the street and just, wow. The noise was incredible. I had to take out one aid after I got home, and I turned the other down so I could cope. I now wear both from the time I wake until the time I go to bed, at the set volume. I can hear birds twittering and frogs croak. It’s awesome.

My garden is progressing. I may have mentioned I was turning the yard into a cottage garden. It’d be done now, if I could leave the family history alone. The first gerbera flower has appeared, the nectarine is blossoming, and the iris bits I brought home from mum’s a few years ago are promising a great show this year.

Let’s not overdo my first post back.

I’m setting comments to be approved before they appear. But don’t let that put you off. Go ahead!

Do take care.

A few minutes in the garden, Agricultural, Catch Up

And almost nine months on …


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