And almost nine months on … so much can happen in that time and I can’t just pretend I haven’t been ‘missing’ — again!

I picked up my hearing aids after the last time I posted. WOW. I stepped out into the street and just, wow. The noise was incredible. I had to take out one aid after I got home, and I turned the other down so I could cope. I now wear both from the time I wake until the time I go to bed, at the set volume. I can hear birds twittering and frogs croak. It’s awesome.

My garden is progressing. I may have mentioned I was turning the yard into a cottage garden. It’d be done now, if I could leave the family history alone. The first gerbera flower has appeared, the nectarine is blossoming, and the iris bits I brought home from mum’s a few years ago are promising a great show this year.

Let’s not overdo my first post back.

I’m setting comments to be approved before they appear. But don’t let that put you off. Go ahead!

Do take care.

A few minutes in the garden, Agricultural, Catch Up

And almost nine months on …


After a drawn-out foggy morning, the sun shone the rest of the day. The cows soak it up, as usual. Cool in the shade, though.


Thanks for looking. Stay safe.


Agricultural, cows, sheep

Sunny rural scene


We saw lots of kangaroos on this walk, done 13th July.  We headed straight up the lane to the forest, direct, thus taking the main loop in the anti-clockwise direction. I didn’t take pics of the cows first, and there wasn’t a ‘roo to be seen in the farmland behind our place. Found them lazing near the forest, on the farm between it and the vineyard. (Nikon D3000 DSLR)


The mob dispersed, the closer we got to them.  I noticed some huge males which seemed to shepherd them into the vineyard. The vineyard is split in two, and they use that gap as their thoroughfare.

We continued on, past the alpacas.


By now, the kangaroos had crossed over into the farmland on the other side of the vineyard, across Barri’s Lane. There were some big male kangaroos.


The one in the foreground got up to have a look at us, walking the lane, but promptly lay down again.


Fast-moving clouds made the landscape change colours every second. It was very windy. Continue reading

Agricultural, Wednesday Walk

Kangaroos galore


Was pretty excited to spot these twin lambs on our last walk in this part of my world.


And, check out this black-and-white lamb! Looks like it’s wearing a coat.


Amazing to see that the other side of it looks pretty much the same.


Thanks for looking. Stay safe.


Agricultural, sheep

Colourful lambs