I Googled, just now, searching for the difference between llamas and alpacas. I use the words interchangeably. Well, actually, I always exclaim in excitement ‘look, llamas’ before correcting myself. It’s because I’ve always had a thing for llamas, long before alpacas became a popular sight in our rural vistas. This pair live on a property, one lane over, near the forest behind us.


Llamas have long banana-shaped ears and alpacas have smaller, straight ears.


Well, there you go. Alpacas, then.

Thanks for looking. Stay safe.


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A pair of grasshoppers on my mint, yesterday. (Nikon D3000)




Thanks for looking.


and other creatures


Flower spider on mint blossom
and other creatures

Zygometis lactea: flower spider

The mint has almost finished flowering, which is good as then I can cut it all back. I’ve never let it get all long and scraggly before, but there were so many insects enjoying it that I didn’t have the heart to trim it.

The other day, I spotted this tiny white spider. Googling has revealed it to be a Flower Spider.

Flower spider on mint blossom

Flower spider on mint blossom (Nikon D3000)


Today, my thoughts are with my good friend and cousin, Sue. Her mum will be laid to rest this afternoon. I have never met Sue, in person, but we email each other fairly constantly since we met through family history research, as well as chatting here in comments.  Sue, deepest sympathy to you and yours.  ❤